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Easy: Buy stocks before the market goes up; sell before the market goes down. All you need to do is predict whether the market is going up or down. If only things were so perfect. But too many investors waste time and money trying to discover reliable patterns in the market. Here’s just a sampling of what people have tried: • The market does well in years ending in 5: 2005, 2015. • The market does well in years ending in 8: 2008, 2018 • The market does well in Dragon years in the Chinese calendar. • A stock broker studied comic strips in a newspaper; another broker let his dog pick stocks. • The Boston Snow (B.S.) indicator monitors snowfall in Boston on Christmas Eve. • Chartists looking for support and resistance levels, href=''> “head and shoulders” patterns, and more. • Inscrutable black-box algorithms mining for inexplicable patterns.

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